Yet more Mullet madness....

Another mullet outing off the kayak, with a plan to catch one on a home made fly.
The fly was some sponge super glued on to a size 6 Drennan hook...this didn't work out though, because the sponge soaked the glue up and became hard to the touch.
A little squeezing of the fly softened it enough, although i wasn't fully happy with it.
So...an onion bag full of bread was deployed just after i anchored up, and things looked good.
Within minutes they came on the feed and out went the fly...bump!
They hit ...and i struck the line....oops... the hook came back minus the sponge.
On with another "sponge fly"..and again a fish lunged at it!
Again i struck, and the hook and line parted!! Oh my God...what is it with Mullet? OK time for a breather...i switched to bread flake on a free line size 6...and after several hits and missed bites, i finally connected to a very nice fish.....
the fight was on and some incredible head shaking and lunging here and there...then...pop!
The line and hook came back to me......fish off...gutted!

The swim totally died after this, and i moved around for hours, with only the odd fish slurping some bread...a few more missed bites and my sanity called for time out!
A little more tweaking of the fly is needed also  i think!!
A nice morning on the water though, and the weather was great!