What do you think of this.................cool?

Cortland 444clear sl sink tip rocket taper..(Ghost tip)

I was given a present of a fly line recently by a good friend of mine, and he had won it in a trout competition, so a 9# line in a bit heavy for his fly wands!
Thanks again Pat!
Its a Cortland ghost tip line, and although the rear section floats, the tip sinks and is clear.
Looks the biz, and having asked a few experts, it seems its a pretty good Bass line.
I sure am looking forward to using it next season, and i will try to get it out for a few casts over the holidays.....
Tight lines!


The first sprinkle....

This will complicate the weather problem even more....a couple of mm of Snow in Ireland usually shuts us down.....lol.....

Neo counter...

I was always wondering.... who reads this stuff?
So i fitted a neo counter today ... and i am already amazed at the countries that have hit on this blog!
So i really need to get out there and give you something to read!!
Tight lines!



I just cant seem to get out right now... the weather is all over the place, and with x-mas coming up.... not sure when i will get the chance....
So i will post a look at a nice pressie i got later...
Tight lines if you are getting out!
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