Where did the G.G's go?

Out today on the yak at the same spot i fished last Monday evening.
Not a sign of any fish!
The thing is...there were thousands of em here 5 days ago!!
Thats fishin...????
To the guy i met on the Merry Fisher... i had no luck..hope you did better!

till next time......



Someone asked me about the flies i used in the last post,
The mullet like the Czech Nymph...bead head.. i think it was olive and amber colour..
The small Bass went for a bread/egg fly in all white....
The Problem with this mark is the number of mullet... there are so many close together, you end up getting line knocks and foul hooks... but a slow retrieve seems to get a take or two..


Golden Grey Mullet soup.

Kayak(s): P 13
Duration:2.5 hrs
Tide:flooding 3.9 meter
Weather: windier than expected (not me )
Bait: flies
Rigs:9# fly rod wit floating weight forward line and drennan 10lb leader tipped with 4lb fluoro and size 12 flies
Results: one Golden Grey ...two school Bass.. and lost two golden grey Report:paddled out to the spot and it was mullet soup... fished away and foul hooked and landed a G.G.
...then ..hooked up a perfect take in front of the yak and my line-joining knot gave way .....5h1t!
again got a perfect take and the fly popped out of its mouth....
really bad luck and getting a dent in me carma...
Later changed to a bread/egg fly... and hooked up straight away... a school Bass... had another, three casts later, and they wreaked the flies!
Getting dark now and i had planned to stay out if calm but it was too lumpy and getting worse..
home James... Very enjoyable but pity it was rough...
i would have got more in the dark im sure...
safety first!