silly season continues....

Just in after fishing four hours of the flooding tide.
The mark is one of my favourites, and has produced many fish over the years...and tonight the tide and weather were perfect. I arrived to find the water clarity was great and a complete (almost) lack of weed...looking good I thought!
I fished away for a bit with no sign of anything and then moved to a deeper spot, and first cast a follow!
Nothing special...about 2 lb...and then another....and later another and again!
Then while fishing some red gill Evo. i had some mackerel pecking at the tail of the lure...all good signs!
Well after my fifth follow (that i saw!) things went quiet and later a mack hit and hooked on a 6 inch slug-go.....greedy bugger!
And that was it....
I went through various size hard and soft lures and tried all the tricks..even a top water!!
So my silly season continues...kayaking on Friday next so i will keep an eye out for any fish activity!
That's fishing!