Blanked again!

Got up early.. loaded all the gear and arrived at the mark nearly an hour later.
Set up the fly rod and yak and fished hard for hours.
No joy at all......
Now.. the water clarity was very poor, i don't know if this was the problem this time..
Finished around half two.. a bit fed up.. but it was a lovely mild day on very calm water...
The Pike win again!



The clue is in the title.....
After a nasty bout of flu which began the Monday before x-mas...i am starting to feel normal again. ( some people would say that's impossible!)
My appetite is still all over the place, but i feel the need to get out and fish.
a gentle start is needed.... with NO swells that's for sure.....
I may have to have another crack off the Pike with the fly rod..... failure beckons...
Watch this space.....I'm not nervous you know...


Happy Christmas!

Well... still snow and ice on the roads here till next week.....


Kayak Ice Breakers!

Kayak Pike on the fly.

It was like the field of dreams, only it was a little lake in west Cork... I met up with Diablo for some Pike fishing.
The tactics were simple... fly or lure.. but mostly fly.
We set up almost identical fly gear and set to work... but the fishing was slow.
Diablo struck first with a jack on the fly, and after some failed attempts, he suggested we break up some ice over a favourite drift and then break for lunch.
After lunch we returned and set to work...that's when the Ass kicking began...
He struck again and again... landing some and others coming off... all jacks with one good fish lost...
I, on the other hand, struggled... and did not get so much as a follow...
I changed flies and lines to no avail.... and eventually the sun set and we had to return... I was a beaten man... the slagging match began and i had to take it all..
A Bandon man shows no mercy........

All set.....waiting for the "guide"

Heading out for glory....

Cold but lovely day..

Diablo's spoils....

Bashing the water in vain......

I try in vain to catch....

More of Diablo's fish....

Diablo strikes again....

Home time... getting dark...

The face of a beaten man......


Bad Weather

Well, the planned trip for Pike had to be cancelled.
The morning of the trip, i got a call from the "guide" to say he was snowed in!
The roads have been very bad with the last two weeks ... but its broke!
So next Monday the trip is on again (I'm running out of days off!!)
Pike on the fly and lure of a hidden lake with no bank access!
I cant wait!

Ah.... i can see it now........


End of my lure season?

Well... out last Friday and tonight wed. with lures and soft plastics (trying out the slug-go,s)
Not a hint of a bass or any mullet etc.
So.... a planned trip on the yak early next week for Pike on the Fly....(or lure if i fail miserably)
The Slug go (9.5") rigged weedless looks great in the water, but a learning curve is coming i think....


6 p.m. November 16th 2010

And i wanted to go shore fishing for Bass this week... time slips away......


Codling are in.

Got a day out in the yak today to have a crack off the cod.
I used my shimmy boat rod and reel with big Razor baits in a size 4/0 hook.
And i also brought a light spinning rod (ugly stick) with a shimmy nexave 4000 reel and some hokkais and slug go 7.5" to troll for Bass, if any still about.
Total was two Codling and one Pollack with a K9 thrown in for good measure!
Lovely day on the water, but a little chilly!!


withdrawal symptoms.

withdrawal symptoms.

Nearly a month since i was on the kayak.
Need a fix soon.....


Night time fly fishing.

Went out tonight with the fly rod for a few hours...but had no luck.. in fact the place seemed life-less... the change of seasons is truly here...


Favourite catch of the season?

Its not over yet... but what were my favourite catches....
One was nearly 8lb and had blue eyes and blonde hair, and being female again, made the overall odds 4 to 1...
A great season........

(not over yet!)


Lure fishing today.

I went out to a well know spot near the mouth of Cork harbour today.
The plan was to do some Plastic lure and jelly bait spinning for Bass on a flooding tide, but when i got there the water was churned up and brown. It was well sheltered from a south westerly which was blowing hard, but i failed to connect to anything more than weed.
Another angler was doing something very similar to me and he had no luck also (this makes me feel a "little" better)
Of course we could both be wrong!!!
It felt warm and the moving around had me sweating in my gear....


Jazz Bass.

Its the Jazz weekend here in Cork, and on a Friday night, with a big 4.m. tide, what else would you do, but try for a late season Bass.
We Corkonians don't go much for the Jazz anyway!!
I set up with a Storm Jointed fire tiger, and after a dozen casts hooked my first fish.
Two seconds later it was off... i have crushed the Barbs on most of my trebles and paid the price...
Cursing myself, but also telling my dented karma that i AM doing the right thing by crushing barbs, i pressed on.
Next i tried a jelly eel ( sidewinder type).. and a hit later, it came back minus its paddle tail!!!
OK... there ARE fish here... what am i complaining about??
After a LOT of different soft lures, i put on a "slug" type jelly on a jig head and work it through the tide....BANG!
fish ON!
Now i have it on, i don't believe it!
But, i calm down and play the fish walking backwards, to beach it and YIPPEE.....did it!!
I tried Razor clam for a couple of hours later, but there are too many shore crabs munching the bait...
I fish on into the darkness, but nothing but huge shore crab, and its pelting down since i got here.. the wind is bad too (not me!)
Also, my old Imax jacket leaks, and i pack it up,and head back to the car... frozen!!!
But a very happy chappy!!!
Now to look at a replacement....being warm and dry is the most important thing in the winter.

Nice... is it my last Lure caught?

Perfectly hooked...

Storm jointed Thunder fire tiger..

Sidewinder type eel.. (mine had a red tail and mack stripes)

Great release this one ..lots of life in her/him..