Fri night .....bass on the rocks!

The lures which caught fish tonight. ALL C&R.

Out tonight with lures...was out last Monday night with the fly rod and had no luck(although i did turn a fish but no take)

East cork venue again with a big 4.3meter tide and lots of surf!!

Hooked 6 bass but lost two

Landed 4....

the largest was a nice 7.5LB.

A great night fishing...but now i must go drink some beer!

So i threw up all the photo's!!!!



New direction.

For a long while now i have been watching the kayak fishing scene in other countries and indeed here in Ireland.
So i have taken the plunge and ordered an Ocean Prowler 13 Angler kayak.
Delivery will be in about the mid August mark.
I look forward to learning a whole new type of fishing and to really combine the salt water fly fishing with the kayak.
Stay tuned.