Replot Stinger...

I headed to a lake little known for pike,and spent the morning in the wind and rain throwing the replot stinger from Baltic flies around.
(Theres a link in the link section.)
I hit a jack fairly soon and missed another and a move later saw me hit a better fish of 3 or 4 lb but it came off seconds later!!
(so no new P.B. lol)
I guess i should have struck home harder!
Anyway ...nothing more after that, and Allen arrived and we headed to another lake to fish off the shore with flies and lure but no luck...
But we did spot a hen harrier with made my day!!!

Rod ..9 weight
Line...a mill end inter. sinking
Leader.. 30lb clear mono with an Iron claw wire tip section.
Fly.. Baltic flies replot stinger.


October Sprat Feast.....

More pics to follow......
So i arrived to see a bait ball being attacked by gulls and i thought this could be good!

The tools of the trade...9 weight rod with two reels one has an inter. sinking the other a floating line.. line tray.. box of flies and a net.

Started with the floating line and the fish just came on ... fish after fish after fish.. pollack mostly with a few mack...
Flies that worked...
Chat. bleeding clouser
Chat. clouser
white glitter critter
white seaducer

Black or dark flies got no hits nor did a small sprat -like deciever in blue/black.
And i managed a mack on a chat. Gurgler... while the pollack head butted this into the air!! Brilliant!

Some pics of some of the fish.... i finished up with a black hollow fly with no takes and called it a day around 9pm.