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Stolen Honwave and engine.

Jim Clohessy, a well respected angler here in Cork has had his boat stolen last night inc.engine...a long shot ..but if we use our blogs and facebook pages to get the word around it may help to recover it if it comes up for sale.
This can happen to any of us, so if yea can spread the pic/ word it would be great!

Thank you.


Level 2 kayak course first night.

Well one down four to go...a cold wet windy night and I'm not feeling 100% either.
But i really enjoyed it and thank God for dry suits!
Because i had one on I got to do more....
And i did my first wet exit...yahoo!

Funny we were in small white water style boats and when we all launched we paddled around in circles like ducklings until we got a feel for it...lol...
Once this is done i will join the club and get a solid roll down!


Irish Kayak Angling safety day!

This is a work in progress....more to post!!!

A fantastic day out on the water, and the weather was great!
It began with some safety talk out on the water, and then our re-entry drilling and after that some general messing about in and out of the yaks, all the time in very deep water and great all round re-entry practice.Later we moved to the incoming rapids and did some paddling against the current and turning maneuvering in fast water.. also jumping in and "staying with the yak" in fast water.In the end we found ourselves running the rapids in and out of the yaks...great fun!
Back to dry land for some hypothermia and CPR talks and demonstrations also looking at various safety equipment and questions and answers.
And some grub on the BBQ...awesome after all that (thanks Pat)and some general chin wagging.....
Oh and a little fly hunting for mullet in Rosscarberry, but no joy there!
A really great day on the water,
Thanks to Bantry Bay Canoes and Irish Kayak Angling!!