Mullet poo bait!

Going to try this for the mullet next few trips...can you spot the fly?
Its breakfast cereal by the way!!!


Finished work early and got a free pass with the good weather, skipped dinner had cheese on toast and threw me gear in the car.
Fly rod set up sinking line with sparse clouser.
Got loads of small pollack and saw a basking shark in the distance.biggest about 2lb(not the shark )...lost count..
Crushed the barb and lost the best fish at the side of the yak..he was goin back anyway...
They hit hard at the take ..even the little uns...
Did some trolling later and they were on fire! Rod rattling every time...dropped the fly and line at one point and ..yip..fish on..but tiny..proper little predators...
Had some new rigging to try..worked fine and i used the grip lead anchor set up...PERFECT!
Very enjoyable... wanted to paddle to the shark but two many boats about...next time ..it looked big!!

Used a jelly eel, jigging for the two pollack above a few days before..Storm eel and berkley jig head...