Summer still not here....good friday Bass hunt.

Well, got to the beach and it looked great, a slight surf to punch through.. not a problem... although the landing later might be interesting!
Met some surf casting chaps and a quick question..."any luck?"...."No!...but the weather is nice..."
This would sum up my day!!
Headed off through some very familiar marks to throw a lure (feed shallow mullet 128) and worked my way along and again as i went i could see nothing in the form of surface activity or birds moving.
A lone Gannet swirled and swirled and dived ...nothing...he is having the same luck as me!
Switched to soft plastic (SP) and trolled a Red Gill evolution in pearl and later blue/white....nothing...stopped up and drifted on the wind offshore (quite a bit in the end!)and jigged the RG evo.... thought i had one knock on it, but cant be sure...
So then after a couple of hours and needing a pee i found a very nice bay.
Its the kind of place you would love to camp out..no access, only by sea and very deep water a few yards out.. in high summer a great place to fish for mack/pollack/and Bass and live off the sea!
Sadly the plastic problem was pretty severe and a good cleanup is needed...but with no access,not going to happen.........sad and a pity!
Time to head back and batten down the hatches!
I could hear surf running so packed some stuff in the hatch and off we go!
But, a very easy surf landing later, and i felt so robbed! I stripped the yak down and went back out to mess in the waves and practice getting back on....only one real good wave back in, but still very good fun!
I still have two leaks in my dry suit to find!!! Bloody nuisance!
The high light for me was spotting a pair of Terns...and one dived in vain right in front of my yak, so another good sign i guess?
Some Pictures of the day... from around 3pm to 7pm!