well i tried......

I had planned to take the Yak out, but the weather beat me again.
So not to be outdone i grabbed the shore gear and headed for a deep water spot to try for a pollack, and maybe some Bass too.The water was very "muddy" and it seemed like a total waste of time..also a little dangerous at the deep mark.
So back in the car and off to a mark a few miles closer to Cork, where the water was much better, but again a little dangerous and i was glad i had the pfd on at least.
The wind howled and i spent most of the time dodging a soaking from huge surf spray, and i used soft plastics and the tackle house feed shallow lure, but no sign of life in the water.Very enjoyable though and an adrenalin packed moment or two getting off the rock which was now flooded behind it...i have done this here many times before, but it was a little lively! Mind you, i have had to wait for the tide to drop in the past with no problems.
So.....I tried!