October Sprat Feast.....

More pics to follow......
So i arrived to see a bait ball being attacked by gulls and i thought this could be good!

The tools of the trade...9 weight rod with two reels one has an inter. sinking the other a floating line.. line tray.. box of flies and a net.

Started with the floating line and the fish just came on ... fish after fish after fish.. pollack mostly with a few mack...
Flies that worked...
Chat. bleeding clouser
Chat. clouser
white glitter critter
white seaducer

Black or dark flies got no hits nor did a small sprat -like deciever in blue/black.
And i managed a mack on a chat. Gurgler... while the pollack head butted this into the air!! Brilliant!

Some pics of some of the fish.... i finished up with a black hollow fly with no takes and called it a day around 9pm.