One small step......

I have been craving to get out on the kayak, but the weather is unreal at the moment.
High wind.. low wind..high wind...very hard to pin down the forecasts.
But i cancelled yesterday and picked this morning for another attempt at Pike on the fly.
Up at 6 am and off i go, set up and on the water for first light 8am. The water is very clear and i am positive to start.
The set up is the same as last time, 9 weight outfit and line (inter. sinking) to 30 lb mono looped to iron claw wire and a clip (all about 6 feet long).
The fly is a Replot stinger from Baltic flies in chartreuse.
And the weather begins to deteriorate all morning till i am forced off the lake at 1pm.
And a bonus is one hit from a Jack!
The learning curve continues, this time the fish came out of some underwater rocky feature, not the reeds.
So another lesson learned.. fish all features!
By the end of the session i was pretty cold!
Tight lines for now!