Sea Bass and Stingrays

Set off down my 100 meter's to the sea and launched the yak....the rod setup was..
9# with an intermediate sinking line and 10lb drennan.. leading to a bleeding clouser fly.
Paddled to the mark and got there to find the Bass were on the feed... little explosions of water and fins breaking the surface...
Dropped the Bruce anchor and tidy up the cockpit and Brown trouser moment as a huge stingray slips under the yak...Tralee bay is known for them, and i was about 100 feet from shore?? Holy crap! swimmers beware... over the seission i saw about 2 dozen or so... from dinner plate size up to dinner table size!!
Cast out and Bang .. fish on, and over the next hour or so i had 4 and missed 2... all schoolies..... great scrap on the fly rod!