My 2011 Account is open!

Well what a night,
The north westerly wind should come over the hill and flatten the sea on the mark i was to fish.
Got there and it was perfect, but a little bright. I started with some weightless weedless slug-go in foam.. and straight away ..nearly ..i could see fish moving.
No takers, so tried a few different lures.. again nothing... every now and then a flash of silver .....
Then the sun dipped behind the hill.. a shadow fell over the area to be fished.. and i put on a favourite lure of mine....
Bang! fish on!
Landed and a very nice fish too just over the 4lb mark...photo and released... then another missed hit... then a big hit.... good fight and landed a 5.5lb'r.. this was looking good... photo and released... then during the evening 4 more smaller fish all on the same lure... photo etc!!
And as it got dark i changed the lure to a black slug-go weight/weedless and twitched it in and BANG! fish on!!!
Seven Bass in total and about 4 missed hits!!
What a way to start the season.... glug! glug! Beer o clock!
Here is a sample of Irish gold..em ...i mean silver.......ahem..