Golden Grey Mullet soup.

Kayak(s): P 13
Duration:2.5 hrs
Tide:flooding 3.9 meter
Weather: windier than expected (not me )
Bait: flies
Rigs:9# fly rod wit floating weight forward line and drennan 10lb leader tipped with 4lb fluoro and size 12 flies
Results: one Golden Grey ...two school Bass.. and lost two golden grey Report:paddled out to the spot and it was mullet soup... fished away and foul hooked and landed a G.G.
...then ..hooked up a perfect take in front of the yak and my line-joining knot gave way .....5h1t!
again got a perfect take and the fly popped out of its mouth....
really bad luck and getting a dent in me carma...
Later changed to a bread/egg fly... and hooked up straight away... a school Bass... had another, three casts later, and they wreaked the flies!
Getting dark now and i had planned to stay out if calm but it was too lumpy and getting worse..
home James... Very enjoyable but pity it was rough...
i would have got more in the dark im sure...
safety first!