Jazz Bass.

Its the Jazz weekend here in Cork, and on a Friday night, with a big 4.m. tide, what else would you do, but try for a late season Bass.
We Corkonians don't go much for the Jazz anyway!!
I set up with a Storm Jointed fire tiger, and after a dozen casts hooked my first fish.
Two seconds later it was off... i have crushed the Barbs on most of my trebles and paid the price...
Cursing myself, but also telling my dented karma that i AM doing the right thing by crushing barbs, i pressed on.
Next i tried a jelly eel ( sidewinder type).. and a hit later, it came back minus its paddle tail!!!
OK... there ARE fish here... what am i complaining about??
After a LOT of different soft lures, i put on a "slug" type jelly on a jig head and work it through the tide....BANG!
fish ON!
Now i have it on, i don't believe it!
But, i calm down and play the fish walking backwards, to beach it and YIPPEE.....did it!!
I tried Razor clam for a couple of hours later, but there are too many shore crabs munching the bait...
I fish on into the darkness, but nothing but huge shore crab, and its pelting down since i got here.. the wind is bad too (not me!)
Also, my old Imax jacket leaks, and i pack it up,and head back to the car... frozen!!!
But a very happy chappy!!!
Now to look at a replacement....being warm and dry is the most important thing in the winter.

Nice... is it my last Lure caught?

Perfectly hooked...

Storm jointed Thunder fire tiger..

Sidewinder type eel.. (mine had a red tail and mack stripes)

Great release this one ..lots of life in her/him..