Poor beach fishing.

Went out to a beach mark in east Cork with a buddy from work.
The plan was to fish a good 4.1 meter tide as it flooded in over clean and mixed ground, using crab,squid, and mack for bait.
Sounds good..eh?
well ..we arrived to find a lovely surf and a little weed (this posed no problem) so we were optimistic.

Set up and baits flew out near and far..single clipped down and two hook flappers(can you see him?)

Hours went by and bait came back each time not touched...not even crabs around..not a doggie on the mack...nothing.....

The highlight of the night were the ginger snaps!!
Now i know the "deep water" marks are catching around county Cork.....but it would be nice for a return of the catches of a few years ago, off the beautiful beaches around Cork.

On another note...i found a cracking crate for my P13..fits well.. is tough..and more space ...only a tenner!

Next week...... something very different for me!!