Sat. 3rd Oct. Golden Grey Mullet on the fly.

Out today on the yak...the weather was a bit windy, and the sea a bit lumpy.
I set the fly rod up with some 4lb fluorocarbon tippet joined to 10lb line and some various flies, nymph and hare's ear type things.After a while the mullet arrived and in plague proportions!
I began to fish and later hooked a mullet just behind the dorsal fin.After releasing it the sea was now "boiling" with mullet they were under the yak and in their thousands!
I fished on but kept landing fish that were hooked in the back, there were so many of them!
Eventually i landed one which was hooked in the lower lip! (he did a Sargent Barnes on my yak!)
After that i hooked my first bass on a nymph type fly and even though it was only a school it dropped off at the last second....typical...i still have to boat a bass!

The sea was kicking up and i was getting cold, so i chucked a few more and headed for the car.

7 golden grey mullet and nearly a sea bass...how bad.