early morn kayak trip.

Set the alarm and got all the gear ready (had made a list) .....5A.M....out a bed..
planned to fish a mark i had heard about a few years back..
Off i went and fished from 6.30 ish to 11ish ..
had a surprise foul hook up on the fly rod but nothing else...
The paddle back was tough ( gettin old)...
My plan to ambush the bass failed...how will i live with the shame...........
never saw so many mullet in one spot in my life!
Must make more of an effort to catch them..some big fish there..
Where are the bass?????

Fished clousers on the fly various colours, and a small shrimp-like fly called a mini puff..(this one foul hooked the mullet in the tail, so it must have been swimming away from the fly!)