old photo's (macro from non digital)

Some older photo's (because i cant catch a fish at the moment!!) from back when i would keep a lot of my catch.
I still believe you should keep the odd fish, especially more sustainable species like pollack and mackerel, but i think more endangered and slow growing ones should be photographed and put back ...for the future.

A brace of Bass from east cork. (Had these for tea)

Some Ray from east Cork. (all released)

Some Mullet from Kerry. (all released ..9 over two mornings)

Cork Harbour Bass. (released)
Kerry Bass. (released)
East Cork Pollack. (Burp!)
More Cork harbour Bass. (released)
Cod from east Cork.(yum!)
Bass from east Cork. (released)
Cod for tea...east Cork. (nuff said)
Inner harbour Bass ..Cork. (released)
One of my favourite inner Cork harbour marks for some great Bass. (a lovely fish on the lure, great fight and.... ...released)