Usually for spinning use a 10 or 11 foot reasonable quality spin rod.
A rear drag reel, loaded with 15lb mono.
Lures can be shallow diving usually over rough ground, 8cm up, but i use 15cm especially during the mack season, so they wont take it!

If fishing over rocky ground with deep water, wear a life saving aid, wear good boots (felt sole are great).

Beach casting needs a 12 to 14 ft rod, with a fixed spool reel, loaded with low diameter 15lb line and shock leader. Fish close in after dark for bass.20 yards?

I use razor clam for bait, but it must be fresh-frozen. I collect my own and freeze it down in bunches very quickly.

Fly fishing requires a salt water proof rod and reel.

I use a 9 weight rod with a large arbour reel a weight 9 forward floating line and a 10lb tippet.

flies?? I think clousers are good, but try different types.

Finally, most fishing info. can be got from books or sea angler mag.

Just get out there and wet a line , learn from your mistakes, but enjoy yourself!!

sometimes you can go a couple of months without a fish, and then you may get a glut!

Have fun, but dont take chances .... be safe.