Rod Ring repair....

Using a Stanly blade..scrape away the old epoxy...and remove the old whipping..
Inspect and clean up the area to be whipped...
Secure the new ring in place with a bit of tape..and begin whipping on the new thread..from the blank towards the foot not on the ring foot...

Once the ring is whipped on coat in epoxy resin and keep turning the rod until it drys..approx 5minis the epoxy  type to use..one minute is too short and 15 min too long..
The finished repair...almost as good as the factory finish and just as strong!
Lots of internet stuff out there on this so have a detailed look first...i repaired two beach caster rings years ago and their still good....( sorry about the poor pics)


I had a quick look...

I grabbed my fly rod and went on a "no plan" ramble yesterday morning...the only plan was to visit a few marks miles apart and go light on foot.
Once again the water was dirty and unsettled and on three different spots i felt i was wasting my time.
The high-light was a welcome Muffin and coffee in White gate village!
And today the weather is as bad as ever...but a few settled days forecast....I'm on evenings this week so ...when will i get out again?
Also, i damaged my 11ft Fladen rod last Friday...i arrived at the mark and closed the car door on a rod ring....so so silly!
I always watch for this mistake and cant believe i did it! So this morning i removed and re-whipped the new ring on, and its due for an epoxy coating tomorrow. I didn't have black whipping thread, but a deep purple and a Sharpie pen to change it to black....hmmm, once its coated it should be fine?
The mullet are calling me also!
Some size 10 drennan micro barb hooks on the way!
Talk soon.