So so close!

Well... I'm on evenings this week, so i got up early, to a frosty start and headed to an East Cork mark. And to sum it up, i had a few hours of lure fishing with the feed shallow 128 and an Amikiri minnow, and nothing.But when i headed back to the car i thought i would have one or two more casts and on my second, a lovely Bass charged in at the lure only to peel off at the last second right at my feet......so close to a start for my season!
And the fish are here now for sure, being caught on lure!
That's fishing!
Next week i have two kayak safety courses to do and the sea kayak one will run for the next 5 weeks.. AND I have to start paddle training for Ocean to city, and get a cycle or two in and CATCH A BASS!!!!
Time is everything!
Best of luck to all Bass Anglers for this season and please release a few fish to make sure we have many more to come!


Safety Meet.

There is an up-coming safety meet in west Cork next week that I’m really looking forward to. The long range forecast looks kind too!I hope to get some pics of the day so stay tuned!It’s being organized by the Irish Kayak Angling Club.http://www.irishkayakangling.com/