First launch.

Out today for the first time on the prowler 13
Did a lot of paddling to get used to the yak and a little fishing.But it was mostly enjoying the calm water at Fountainstown. No fish, but here are some photo's.......very enjoyable!


She's here!

Well she finally arrived (nearly 3 weeks!) my Ocean prowler 13 Angler.
I hope to get her out on the water for a test drive in the next few days.
My 4 year old loves it!! She says it hers!!
A launch report will follow....i may even bring a rod......( fly or spin???)


Monday 24th August.

Out tonight with lures. Weather was a bit wild to say the least.Water clarity was pretty poor with lots of weed.
But after 3 casts i managed a nice 4.5lb bass.
After releasing it i cast out again a few times and hooked a nice fish it fought well and dropped off just at my feet!!
You cant win them all.........(i had the barbs on the trebles crushed)

These were Australian Bass!
They were taken on the third lure in the post below (blue/white /red eye)