Maiden voyage...

Maiden voyage yesterday....the forcast was only ok, but it was my only chance to get out on the ysak to wet the boat.
Drove to Roches point only to see massive swell running in...so back to aghada pier, flat calm and little wind. Launched and found the "tippy" thing a bit nerve racking at start, but relaxed into it and headed for East ferry.Got to the back of Cobh island and noticed the wind had come up, so i looked at the gps trip and it says 5 klics...better turn back?
Wind in my face all the way back and the s...ea chop was way up...so white knuckle ride all the way back, but as long as i was moving she cut through the water ..not pleasent though...rain and wind in your face...so i called it a day.. but NO PHOTO'S..because i was afraid to take the phone out of the dry bag and i couldnt stop in the squall...next time..
All in all delighted with her, an instant confindence boost i guess what with the conditions and all ....10Klics on her maiden voyage! not a bother!